300mg CBD Oil

300mg cbd oil

300mg CBD oil…

300mg CBD oil is the lowest concentrated CBD within our range. It’s a great introductory CBD to start with (for under £20) and also for those looking to drop down to a maintenance dosage. We guarantee you a minimum of 300mg CBD/CBDa per bottle, with healthstrong CBD.

We are passionate about what we do and our quest is to provide only the highest quality CBD oil, so we start by selecting the right hemp seeds.

  • These have good CBD levels in (percentage and ratio).
  • They grow quickly, organically (in the EU) and without the need for pesticides or fertilisers.
  • We harvest on selected days, by hand.
  • They dry naturally below 35c.

Once we have the harvest, a gentle CO2 method extracts the oil. This is a safe and clean way, as we push the CO2 through at low temperatures and do not need to use solvents. We then mix the extract with organic cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier. It is a pure process, which preserves flavonoids and terpenes and produces clean, high-quality CBD oil. There are no hidden nasties in our CBD oil.

To offer assurances with the oil and the ingredients, we send it off for independent testing. Currently, this is done by a third party laboratory in Spain, called Canna. Our report is readily available online for you to check, so there is full transparency from start to finish.


The latest report shows that there is 390mg CBD/CBDa per bottle, in our 300mg CBD oil. This is almost 33% more CBD per bottle!

Additionally, there are other cannabinoids that have come from the hemp too, in trace amounts. These are CBGa, CBG, and CBC. They all offer additional health benefits to the CBD and all work together synergistically.

Finally, we are a 2019 member of Cannabis Trades Association and CannaPro certified. This is a mark of quality, ethics, and reliability. Have confidence that we are delivering the best possible CBD oil for you to take – we take it ourselves, along with family and friends.

If you have any questions on our 300mg CBD oil you can contact us here.

To see more information and to buy 300mg CBD oil click here.

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