CBD Guide

What is CBD?

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants, dating back 12,000 years. There are over 100+ different compounds, or phytocannabinoids, naturally found in hemp and Cannabis sativa L. is rich in cannabidiol, often referred to as CBD. Recently, it became possible to extract these phytocannabinoids and to use them for their health properties, mainly in the form of CBD oil. CBD is non psychoactive and will not get you high. Over the last two years it has become the world’s most popular health supplement, and in the UK alone, it’s estimated that over 1 million people are using it, for lots of different reasons.

Benefits of CBD

We’d love to be specific with how CBD works and health benefits. However, we are monitored by the MHRA (Medicines Health Regulatory Agency) and it’s forbidden to do so! We have an ‘endocannabinoid system’, regarded as a ‘master regulator’ in the body. We have cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, which form part of this system. There are two types, CB1, mainly in the nervous system and brain, and CB2, mainly in the immune system. That is as far as we can go!

CBD extraction

There are different methods and techniques to extract cannabinoids from hemp. We use supercritical CO2, the most advanced and safest method, which only uses low temperature and high pressure, rather than harmful solvents, as used elsewhere. CO2 is a pure and clean extraction method, which produces the highest quality extract and which preserves all the goodness found within the plant.

Not all CBD is created equal

The difference

You may have seen different terms used for CBD oil, such as isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum. This refers to how many other cannabinoids are in the oil with CBD. Isolate is just CBD alone, broad spectrum is CBD with a few other cannabinoids and full spectrum is CBD with a range of cannabinoids. If it doesn’t state it, it’s most probably isolate, or broad spectrum.

Our oils are formulated based on expertise and understanding that full spectrum is best, with a perfect blend of additional cannabinoids, such as CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, CBC, CBCA and trace THC. This is a natural full plant extract, as it should be (why change nature?), which allows all of the cannabinoids to work synergistically, in what is often referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. Each cannabinoid has its own molecular structure and has the potential to work differently to CBD and deliver powerful health benefits (many of these are published studies).

All of our hemp is grown organically, free from pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and toxins.

CBD strength

Always look for the amount of milligrams of CBD per bottle, which should be stated on the label. Often we get asked for a percentage CBD oil, as these are often advertised but this causes confusion and can be misleading. You are paying for active ingredient by weight, not percentage. To further explain this, a 500mg CBD oil in a 10ml bottle is 5% strength, a 1000mg CBD oil in a 20ml bottle is also a 5% strength, yet double the amount of CBD.

Healthstrong CBD / per serving:

4500mg CBD Oil (30ml) / 30mg CBD per spray (x150).
1000mg CBD Oil Gold (10ml) / 4mg CBD per drop (x250).
1000mg CBD Raw (10ml) / 25mg per click (x40).
500mg CBD Oil (10ml) / 2mg CBD per drop (x250).
450mg CBD Caps (30 caps) / 15mg CBD per cap (x30).
300mg CBD Oil (10ml) / 1.2mg CBD per drop (x250)
200mg CBD Oil (10ml) / 1mg CBD per drop (x200).

Which CBD is right for me?

Experience and results with CBD varies for each user. So it would be wrong to be specific with a recommendation. Even two users, with the same health problem may generate a different set of results with the same product, given human physiology complexities and how CBD works once inside the body, within our cannabinoid receptors.

We have CBD ranging from 200mg to 4500mg (per bottle). Our 1000mg Gold CBD oil is the most popular. If you are struggling to decide on which to choose, it’s a good starting point and will last, for instance, x3 longer than 300mg (taking 10mg/day will last 100 days compared to 30 days). We’ve put together a rough guide that may help you in choosing the right CBD oil for you.

High strength CBD oil, either:

1000mg Gold (MOST POPULAR), to be taken under the tongue, full range of cannabinoids,  natural taste
4500mg Max to be taken under the tongue, full range of cannabinoids, natural taste
1000mg Raw to be taken under the tongue, full range of cannabinoids, natural and earthy taste (this is different to 1000mg Gold, which is mixed with organic olive oil and less earthy)

Mid strength CBD oil, either:

500mg Curcumin to be taken under the tongue, full range of cannabinoids, natural taste
450mg CBD Caps full range of cannabinoids, vegan friendly

Low strength CBD oil, either:

300mg Original to be taken under the tongue, full range of cannabinoids, natural and earthy taste

CBD capsules, either:

450mg Original full range of cannabinoids, vegan friendly
450mg Sport water soluble, broad spectrum

CBD skincare:

Broad spectrum CBD, zero THC:

Best practice

There is no one dose fits all and no best time of day to take CBD oil. Some users feel CBD works better taking it first thing in the morning, some users prefer last thing at night. General advice is to start low with dosage, to build up and to continually use CBD as part of your daily regime, rather than stop/start. It’s for you to experiment with CBD and how it works for you. With CBD oil, try to keep the drops/extract under your tongue for 30+seconds before swallowing, to help with absorption.

Healthstrong CBD

We were one of the first health brands to launch CBD back in early 2018. We are proud to present what we believe we now have; an unparalleled and most complete collection of cannabinoid based health products, trusted and used by thousands of customers. Be assured of the highest quality CBD, whatever your requirements. All our CBD oils and CBD caps are vegan friendly.


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