CBD Oil Benefits

cbd oil benefits

CBD oil benefits.

CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid, or compound, found in industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). It is one of the world’s oldest cultivated plants. Historical uses include Queen Victoria using it back in the 1800’s and otherwise, the crop being used for paper (bibles), clothing, ropes and sails (Royal Navy). Nowadays it is used as an eco-alternative to concrete and environmentally friendly packaging. In other words, it’s a valuable and versatile crop! So, what are the CBD oil benefits?

Firstly, it’s important to note that industrial hemp is naturally high in CBD and low in THC.

THC is the compound that is psychoactive. It’s found in higher concentrations in other strains of cannabis (not industrial hemp). Hemp oil made from the seeds has been used for a long time as an oil for salad dressings, frying etc. Now, the other parts of the plant are being used (extracted) to produce a health supplement, delivering CBD oil benefits to users.

Cannabinoids have been studied from as early as the 1940s but research has only increased in recent years, starting in the 90’s as cannabinoid receptors were found. Lately, research has intensified as the world has gone ‘CBD crazy’ and anecdotal stories of how and why people are using CBD are matched with scientific studies. Some of these can be found here:

We can’t make any claims unfortunately for specific CBD oil benefits. It’s a food supplement and not a medicine, for which we would need a license to market (CBD oil). The MHRA (Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency) and ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) prevent any CBD health benefits being made and we are adhering to their rules!

Endo-cannabinoid system

In the UK alone, an estimated 1,000,000 people are using it for many different reasons. This number has risen rapidly and is still doing so daily. It’s not fully understood how CBD works in the body. However, the receptors, as mentioned earlier, are part of our endo-cannabinoid system (first discovered in the 90’s). When we take CBD oil it is thought to create balance, or homeostasis, with these receptors. And for many different aspects of physiology.

CBD1 and CBD2 receptors

Brain and Body.

Our endo-cannabinoid system is made up of two different types of receptors – CBD1 and CBD2. Depending on where the receptors are located, they have different purpose and function. CBD1 receptors are found in the brain and CBD2 are found all over the body (including the Immune System) and are much more common.     

It’s important to note that not all CBD oil is the same. Therefore, CBD oil benefits may vary depending on which oil is being used, in what strength and with what carrier oil. For instance, it is likely that the ‘make up’ of two CBD oils (different brands) will vary. CBD is just one of the compounds extracted from the hemp and two oils will have a different structure/contents of cannabinoids. Think of it like choosing a bottle of wine.

Best CBD oil

At healthstrong, we are proud to provide the very best CBD oil. We guarantee a minimum amount of CBD/CBDa, illustrated by the amount of milligrams on the front (300mg-1000mg). After that, we include other cannabinoids, which deliver health benefits too. This is often referred to as the entourage effect of CBD oil, In conclusion, all of the cannabinoids are working together and become even more powerful. We’ve been involved with CBD oil since the early years so lean on us with any additional questions or help needed.

Contact us here or to view our highest quality CBD oils click here.

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High quality CBD oil

high quality cbd oil

High quality CBD oil…

It’s an incredibly confusing subject to understand. However, be assured of high quality CBD oil, when you order from healthstrong. Every time.

Full spectrum CBD…

Firstly, all of our oils are full spectrum CBD. Not only do you get the benefits of the CBD (cannabidiol), you get them from the other cannabinoids in the bottle too! These cannabinoids, such as CBG (Cannabigerol) and CBC (Cannabichromene), have a different structure and work differently when inside the body.

However, when all of the cannabinoids work together, they become even more powerful, in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.

CBD milligrams…

Secondly, we always deliver the number of milligrams of CBD on the front. In fact, we often deliver many more. Our latest 300mg CBD oil, which has been independently tested, has 390mg of CBD/CBDa in each bottle. We send every batch of CBD oil to be tested at Canna, a state of the art laboratory in Spain. Be confident that we take every step necessary, to provide you with high quality CBD oil.

Thirdly, we use a supercritical CO2 method to extract the oil from the hemp. This is the safest and purest method, toxin and solvent free. It requires a sophisticated and expensive machine, which pushes the CO2 through with high pressure and low temperatures.

Finally, all of our oils are safe and legal to take (if you are based in the UK). Because the oils are full spectrum, they have tiny trace amounts of THC. Of course, these are way below the limit set by the Home Office and like CBD and other cannabinoids, THC has health benefits too!

We are a 2019 member of Cannabis Trades Association and Canna Pro certified. Always under review for products, trading standards, marketing and conduct, this badge is a mark of quality, ethics, and reliability.

CBD oil order…

We ship all CBD oil orders with Royal Mail, using their signed for delivery service.

Check out our range here

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300mg CBD Oil

300mg cbd oil

300mg CBD oil…

300mg CBD oil is the lowest concentrated CBD within our range. It’s a great introductory CBD to start with (for under £20) and also for those looking to drop down to a maintenance dosage. We guarantee you a minimum of 300mg CBD/CBDa per bottle, with healthstrong CBD.

We are passionate about what we do and our quest is to provide only the highest quality CBD oil, so we start by selecting the right hemp seeds.

  • These have good CBD levels in (percentage and ratio).
  • They grow quickly, organically (in the EU) and without the need for pesticides or fertilisers.
  • We harvest on selected days, by hand.
  • They dry naturally below 35c.

Once we have the harvest, a gentle CO2 method extracts the oil. This is a safe and clean way, as we push the CO2 through at low temperatures and do not need to use solvents. We then mix the extract with organic cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier. It is a pure process, which preserves flavonoids and terpenes and produces clean, high-quality CBD oil. There are no hidden nasties in our CBD oil.

To offer assurances with the oil and the ingredients, we send it off for independent testing. Currently, this is done by a third party laboratory in Spain, called Canna. Our report is readily available online for you to check, so there is full transparency from start to finish.


The latest report shows that there is 390mg CBD/CBDa per bottle, in our 300mg CBD oil. This is almost 33% more CBD per bottle!

Additionally, there are other cannabinoids that have come from the hemp too, in trace amounts. These are CBGa, CBG, and CBC. They all offer additional health benefits to the CBD and all work together synergistically.

Finally, we are a 2019 member of Cannabis Trades Association and CannaPro certified. This is a mark of quality, ethics, and reliability. Have confidence that we are delivering the best possible CBD oil for you to take – we take it ourselves, along with family and friends.

If you have any questions on our 300mg CBD oil you can contact us here.

To see more information and to buy 300mg CBD oil click here.

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Which CBD oil?

which cbd oil

Which CBD oil?

We often get asked about the best CBD oil to take, from both first time CBD users and from customers continuing with CBD as part of a daily regime.

The first thing to understand is what the mg illustrates on the front. This is the number of milligrams of CBD in each of our oils. So 300mg is the lightest and 1000mg is the strongest. There are approximately 250 drops in each CBD oil bottle which is 10ml. So with the 300mg, it works out at approximately 1.2mg CBD per drop. The 1000mg works out at approximately 4mg CBD per drop.

We also guarantee you that with a healthstrong CBD oil, the amount of milligrams is the absolute minimum amount in each bottle. Our oils are independently tested and verified. Be assured that you are getting what you pay for. Quite often, we will deliver more CBD than what is labelled.

For instance, our latest batch of 300mg CBD oil (at the time of writing this post in January 2019), contains 390mg CBD/CBDa per bottle.

Choosing the right CBD oil…

Next up is understanding how to choose the right CBD oil. This is incredibly difficult because each and every customer is different. Stronger is not always better as you may respond well on a light dose or you might need more. This is something that you will need to discover.

It is generally considered that if you are trying CBD for the first time, it’s better to start off on a low dose and gradually build up to a higher dosage and then adjust back down.

Find the amount of CBD that is right for you. You can do this with both the 300mg CBD oil and the 1000mg CBD oil, so it’s fine to start with either, the 1000mg will just last longer as you will need fewer drops to start.

Some users responder quickly to CBD but on the whole, it is not an immediate response. You will need to take CBD daily over a period of time as part of your health regime.

CBD oil ingredients…

Along with the strength of a CBD oil you should also consider the ‘make up’ of your CBD oil. By that, we mean a breakdown of the ingredients and extract. Not all CBD oils are the same and in reality, most are very different.

Our oils, for instance, are full spectrum. This means that they contain other extracts or phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant alongside the CBD. We feel this presents you with the best quality oil and a more powerful option compared to oil without them. We have a balance or ‘blend’ of CBDA and CBD (milligrams) in each bottle – this is denoted by the number of milligrams earlier mentioned, on the front of the bottle.

CBDa and CBD

Our CBD oils are carefully formulated based on industry expertise and understanding. For instance, CBDa will provide you with different health benefits compared to just CBD, so we feel it’s important to have both. We can’t make any health claims for CBD because it is sold as a food supplement and not a medicine and we can’t go into any further detail.

Alongside the CBDa and CBD, there are other cannabinoids such as CBC (cannabichromene) and CBG (cannabigerol). These will also provide you with additional health benefits to those of the CBD. We also have trace elements of THC but well within the current legal limit set by the Home Office.

Be confident that whichever healthstrong CBD you choose, we have created the best formula possible for the amount of milligrams you are paying for.

Our extracts are mixed with organic cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier. They are then all independently tested in a state of the art laboratory. This is all part of our commitment to provide the highest quality CBD oil.

You can browse our range here

If you still have any questions we would love to hear from you. Contact us here

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Buy CBD oil UK

buy cbd oil uk

Looking to buy CBD oil UK?

We are a Manchester based company with four CBD oils available if you are looking to buy CBD oil UK. All of our CBD oil is from industrial hemp grown organically in the EU and extracted using supercritical CO2. It is mixed with organic, cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier and then bottled. After that, each batch of CBD oil is tested at an independent, state of the art laboratory.

Full spectrum CBD

CBD (cannabidiol) is just one of the phytocannabinoids found in hemp. Our oils are full spectrum CBD. In addition to CBD, they also contain additional phytocannabinoids. Each of these provides unique health benefits and they become more powerful when they work together, in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘entourage effect’.

We have CBD oil available in 300mg, 450mg, 500mg and 1000mg bottles. The amount of milligrams is for the amount of CBD in the bottle, which is a combination of CBD and CBDa (raw CBD). All of the additional phytocannabinoids are a bonus within the oils and are not included within the milligram calculation. Also, the amount of milligrams we display on our CBD bottles is a guaranteed (minimum) amount of CBD/CBDa and the actual amount is often much higher.

We hope to give you confidence in healthstrong if you are looking to buy CBD oil UK.

Healthstrong is a 2019 member of the Cannabis Trades Association, who vet to high standards and ensure that we are fully compliant with the law. We are also Canna Pro certified, who review our CBD, trading standards, our marketing and conduct. It is a badge to show ethics, reliability and quality. You will notice we do not make any CBD oil health claims.

In short, by choosing healthstrong you can be assured of the highest quality CBD oil available. All of our CBD oils are legal to take (always have been), in the UK.

Buy CBD oil UK here

As ever, if you have any questions on CBD oil, please contact us here

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How to take CBD Oil

how to take cbd oil


There are no ‘golden’ rules with CBD oil but here are our top tips:

  1. Whatever amount you take do not exceed 200mg CBD oil/day. This is a guideline provided by the MHRA, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.
  2. Start off with a low amount of CBD (drops per day/ amount per day) and gradually increase this daily to a dosage suitable to you. You can increase and decrease the amount of CBD oil as appropriate.
  3. Note, CBD oil requirements will vary per individual, which is why we can’t suggest an amount to take. You will have to discover this yourself, to an amount that has the desired effect.
  4. Take CBD oil drops throughout the day, at least twice.


  5. Keep the CBD oil under the tongue as long as possible, minimum 30 seconds, preferably 60+ seconds, then swallow. This allows the cannabinoids to be absorbed by the capillaries in the mucous membranes and directly into the bloodstream.
  6. Once swallowed the remaining CBD oil passes through the digestive system and enters the bloodstream, after being metabolised by the liver.


  7. There is no perfect time to take CBD oil, some prefer it in the morning and some prefer it at night. If it makes you feel relaxed then night time may be more suitable and if it makes you feel alert, earlier on, so not to keep you awake.


  8. There is no definitive on whether it is better with/without food, as in before or after a meal. Again, find out what works best for you. The most important thing is as in Step 5, keep the CBD oil in the mouth as long as possible.CBD OIL QUESTIONS?
  9. If in doubt or if you have any questions get in touch with us here


Browse our range of high quality CBD oils here





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Full spectrum CBD oil – what is it?

what is full spectrum cbd oil

What is full spectrum CBD oil?

One of the most popular questions that we get asked is about full spectrum CBD oil and what it is.

Firstly, a reminder about CBD. This is short for cannabidiol, one of 100+ compounds, or cannabinoids, found in the cannabis plant, particularly Industrial Hemp, which has high levels. It’s non-psychoactive and you won’t get high using it.

In the UK, it’s completely legal to use a product containing CBD, as long as THC levels, the compound that does get you high, are under the legal limit.

Whilst CBD and THC are the most common cannabinoids found in cannabis, there are others, found in trace amounts.

Other cannabinoids:

  • THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid)
  • CBDA (Cannabidiolic Acid)
  • CBN (Cannabinol)
  • CBG (Cannabigerol)
  • CBC (Cannabichromene)
  • CBL (Cannabicyclol)
  • CBV (Cannabivarin)
  • THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)
  • CBDV (Cannabidivarin)
  • CBCV (Cannabichromevarin)
  • CBGV (Cannabigerovarin)
  • CBGM (Cannabigerol Monomethyl Ether)
  • CBE (Cannabielsoin)
  • CBT (Cannabicitran)

Most of the studies to date have been on CBD and THC and their link to health (humans and animal). However and importantly, each other cannabinoid has its very own characteristic and can provide additional and alternative health benefits.

Once the Industrial Hemp is harvested, the CBD has to be extracted. There are various methods for extraction and the most popular is using CO2. This allows the CBD to be extracted without the use of any harmful solvents or chemicals.

Full Spectrum CBD oil, finished product

There are some CBD oils, which are manufactured using CBD isolate. These only contain CBD, extracted from the cannabis until it forms into crystals, which are then processed into a powder.

The alternative is full spectrum CBD oil, basically a full plant extract, which contains CBD plus other cannabinoids in trace amounts (including THC). General opinion is that the full spectrum CBD is better because it’s a more natural form and delivers combined, synergistic benefits of the CBD along with the other cannabinoids. Many view this as the more holistic approach to using CBD oil.

We have a range of full spectrum CBD oils which you can see here.

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What is CBD Oil?

what is CBD oil?

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil comes from Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.), a strain of cannabis. This has been around for thousands of years. It was one of the world’s first cultivated crops, with many different uses.


There are many strains of cannabis which contain varying levels and ratios of compounds, called cannabinoids. The two best known are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These are also the most dominant cannabinoids within the plant.


Industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) is a strain that has high concentrations of CBD and low levels of THC – a cannabinoid that’s psychoactive. So with CBD Oil you can get all of the benefits of CBD – without the high that’s typically associated with THC.

Over the last 20 years, researchers have been extensively studying the health benefits associated with all of the compounds in cannabis and in particular CBD.

Endocannabinoid System

This has only started to emerge in recent years and with a better understanding of how CBD interacts with our ‘endocannabinoid system’. This contains group of receptors found in the body, in the brain and nervous system.

This has ignited a huge demand for CBD oil. An estimated 300,000 people used a CBD product in the UK alone last year.

Check out our range of CBD oils here

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cbd oil uk

CBD Oil UK Based Company

We are a UK health products company based in Manchester and have a range of CBD Oils within our catalogue.

From seed to finish…

All of our CBD oils are extracted from Industrial Hemp, grown in fertile soil on farms in Slovenia and Croatia. Firstly, we select the very best seeds, ensuring they have the right CBD percentage and ratio.

Our seeds are then grown without the use of any fertilisers or pesticides and the hemp grows quickly. We harvest our hemp crop by hand and allow it to dry naturally below 35°c.

When the hemp has dried. we extract the CBD oil using a gentle CO2 method. This pushes the CBD oil through at low temperatures, without the need for heat and more importantly, harmful solvents. It is the safest method, which preserves all flavonoids and terpenes and creates the highest quality oil possible.

Once we have the CBD oil we create our different strengths available, 300mg, 450mg, 500mg and 1000mg.

CBD Oil UK Based, Independently tested…

Finally, all of our CBD oils are independently tested by the best laboratories around the world. This ensures we are delivering on our promise to provide the best quality CBD oil possible.

All of the CBD oils are legal to take in the UK and we are a 2018 member of the Cannabis Trades Association.

To have a look at our CBD Oils click here

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