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Ultra pure magnesium oil, for transdermal application and rapid absorption. An efficient way to help increase magnesium intracellular levels, through the skin, the master organ of the body. Using Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride, over 250 million years old and providing help to support: energy levels, muscle function, bones, teeth and nervous system.

Liquid Amount

100ml, 200ml

Product Info

– Ultra pure Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride.
– Efficient form of magnesium supplementation.
– Transdermal application.
– High concentration, approx 257mg magnesium per 2.5ml.
– Available in 200ml (best value) or 100ml.
– All natural.
– BPA free bottle.

Magnesium is needed for hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body and it is generally considered that most people have a deficiency. Transdermal magnesium is an easy and effective way to restore magnesium levels. When applied to the skin, the magnesium will absorb quickly and does not have to make the transition through the digestive system, as with a tablet or powder form. 

We are committed to providing the finest magnesium and use Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride. This is mined from source, at a depth of 1600 metres below ground level. 250 million years ago this magnesium salt was plentiful in the Zechstein Sea. Over time, the sea filled underground deposits and was then trapped by overlying rock. As a result, whilst the Zechstein Sea no longer exists, these beds were preserved, full of magnesium chloride. As they existed millions of years ago. Ultra pure and free from any pollutants.


Ultra pure Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride, natural trace minerals, water. 2.5ml contains 257mg elemental magnesium. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and for use during pregnancy. Not tested on animals. Keep out of the reach of children.

How To Use

Massage the magnesium oil into the skin when most convenient. Best applied to clean skin though not essential. Apply anywhere (arms, legs, chest) but avoid eyes, face, any delicate areas and broken skin. Any residue can be wiped clean after 20+ mins, or if preferred, apply and leave for 20+ mins, then bath/shower as normal. A ‘magnesium tingle’ A ‘magnesium tingle’ may be felt with absorption and can indicate low magnesium levels. This will change with regular use.

Suggested Use: up to x20 sprays daily of magnesium oil, or more if recommended by your healthcare professional.


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